Allied Public Risk has the resources and knowledge to structure proprietary strategies in support of contractual risk transfers and risk assumption. We assist brokers and insureds with training tools, safety materials and functional loss control advice. Our team comprises segment knowledge in targeted industries where we provide solutions for the avoidance or mitigation of accidents, injuries and claims. We are accessible via phone, email and in person. Brokers and insureds receive specific answers to complex questions.


We deliver a comprehensive enterprise risk management platform for our customers. This web-based platform is an exceptional utility program that offers users efficient, time-saving risk management and training tools.

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  • Online courses delivered as part of a comprehensive and user-friendly training management system
  • Flexible tools to monitor key compliance tasks, distribute organizational policies, and manage member & employee certifications and licenses
  • Easy-to-use communication solutions for exchanging information and data across your organization
  • Powerful risk identification and mitigation technologies to help analyze your level of risk
  • An automated system to monitor member & employee loss control records


  • Scott Bryant

    Risk Control Director

  • Ed Mann

    Director of Training & Education, Provident